Nothing will ever compare to the thrill of knowing we are about to go on tour. It’s an adrenaline rush. Only this time, the circumstances I find myself in keeps me from fully appreciating the emotion.

Peering over to my cousins, Kaleb and Chris, sitting across from each other, both of them are focused on the scenery outside of the window. They have yet to touch the lunches the flight attendant placed in front of them soon after takeoff. It’s clear they both lack any appetite due to their foul mood.

From the moment they had taken their seats upon boarding, they have yet to acknowledge anyone. Most would think their reaction is pathetic, but without a doubt, it’s evident how painful it is for them to leave their girls behind.

There is no denying Kaleb fell hard for his wife. Shit, we all fell hard for her in a grateful sort of way. Had it not been for Lexie, Kaleb may be six feet under already. It was her love that pushed him to find his will to keep living. On the other hand, Chris and the most recent dark cloud that is following him are still a mystery to most. Still, it’s clear to me he fell just as hard for her.

Glancing between the two, I can see how they have both found someone who has captured their hearts, and it brings me joy to know how lucky the assholes are. There was a time when I felt that deeply for someone, but it’s also because of losing her I have yet to allow anyone to capture my heart once again. It’s as if her memory plagues me with every new girl I meet, keeping me from moving on.

Shaking my head, I have to wonder who’s the pathetic one now.

“Are you done with your plate, sir?” the flight attendant softly murmurs with a smile.

Nodding in silence, she leans down to retrieve the item while making sure to expose her cleavage that is mere inches from my face, forcing me to lean to one side to not physically allow my face to graze her chest. From my peripheral vision, I catch Vinny, who is sitting across from me, with his focus directed on the center of her chest, licking his lips.

Standing, she directs her focus across from me. “You ever been part of the mile-high club, baby?” Vinny questions her, making me roll my eyes at his cocky approach.

Piercing him with a glare, she lifts his plate. “It isn’t the reason why I’m here, sir,” she responds, marching away soon after.

Vinny’s dislike of her remark has him scowling at me. “Why the hell was she all up on you, but she didn’t give me the time of day?”

“Maybe because I didn’t say shit to her while you practically made her feel like a slut.” Tilting my head to think, I add, “Most of the time ignoring them will do the trick to entice them.”

Vinny snorts, but just as quickly considers my comment, appearing astonished by it. “Seriously?”

“Seriously.” I nod. “Just smile and make them feel as if you appreciate them. It’s all they want. Trust me, the last thing a woman wants is to feel degraded,” I say, remembering all the times my mother felt this way from my father’s lack of affection.

The previous scowl has returned, bringing our conversation to an end. My eyes soon find the clouds outside the aircraft to distract myself, but I soon realize it’s a mistake as I reluctantly recall the day I left the one person who still holds my heart.

Peering down into her gray eyes, her frown depletes me. “How long are you going to be gone?”

“Just until the end of the summer. I’ll be back before you know it.”

She isn’t convinced, but the need to take her sorrow away has my lips meeting hers. She returns the passion of our kiss, her nails digging into the muscles of my arms to hold me close. Nearly breathless when we pull apart, I whisper down to her,

“I’m going to miss you.”

Her lips tremble when she replies, “I’ll miss you more,” knowing deep down in my heart her words hold nothing less than the truth.

I have always been Harlow’s escape from her misery, as she has been mine.

It is the reason I fell in love with her.

She is my escape from my own reality at home . . . She is the only girl I want to spend my time with, and deep down in my heart, I know she consumes me . . . body and soul.

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★ Wishful Thinking (Book #1) ★

Lexie has one goal in life: to grant one last wish for each of her patients. There isn’t a request she will deny, and has yet to fail to deliver a promise. That is, until the day she goes in search of the infamous rock star Kaleb Knight, who can’t care less about her life’s ambition, or the children she is determined to help. 

Kaleb has his own dark secrets. He lives each day as if it’s his last, and refuses to spare a moment of his time to play the part of a knight in shining armor—especially for someone like Lexie . . . or so he thought. Now, his head and heart are at war, and his soul is screaming she is exactly what he needs. 

Will Lexie be the only one that can save him in the end? Or will he instead succumb to the darkness threatening to consume him? 

Wishful Thinking is Book 1 in the Dragon Knights Series, which each rock star will receive their own story. This is a full-length novel and could be read as a stand-alone.

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★ COLORS (Book #2) ★

Alyssa lives her days hiding from the nightmares of her childhood, fearful of only one thing: being found. She no longer feels pain, for her soul has been numbed by the cruelties she endured.

Chris is empty on the inside, even though he portrays a facade of happiness to the outside world. He attempts to fill the void with women, sex, and music. In his lonely existence, nothing really matters . . . until he meets Alyssa.

When two dark souls collide, can the colors repair their broken souls, or will they surrender to the darkness of their broken pasts?

Colors is Book 2 in the Dragon Knights Series, which each rock star will receive their own story. This is a full-length novel and could be read as a stand-alone.

Due to explicit sexual content, this book is not intended for readers under the age of 18.

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